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PSYCHOLOGY OF HPV HPV treatment Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is a sexually transmitted virus and it has not only organic injuries.

Psychological disorders greatly affect patients with HPV

Many questions are asked  by the patients who suffers and HPV infection.

HPV will become a Cancer?

HPV will never disappear from my body?

Can I infect my family sharing a bath or other type of objects?

Will I be forever a source of infection of HPV?

Do I not able to have more intimate relationships?

Will I be able to have children?

Will I transmit the HPV to my child?

If I have HPV, how can I deal with my house routine?

If I have HPV, what precautions should I take at home?

If I have a benign type of HPV, can it transform into a malignant subtype?

Checks from now on and how many?

If my partner and I have HPV, what precautions should we take?

Someday will I have a normal life?

Should I tell my partner?

Someone has HPV at work or at home, what precautions should I take?

There are many questions that arise in medical consultation should be taken into account by the treating professional.

Psychological disorders caused by HPV are primarily mood, but may also exacerbate. Psychiatric illness such as depression and personality disorders are possible to diagnose.

Multidisciplinary approach most be performed in some patients.

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