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We are a group of medical professionals, specialized in different areas such as gynecology, urology, molecular pathology, surgery, chemistry, and health technicians, devoted to medical research, diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. We work with strong belief in preventive as well as diagnostic and therapeutic development that science currently offers.

HPV MEDICAL CENTER and HPV MEDICAL GROUP has been created with the objective of preventing, diagnosing and treating HPV before it develops into cancer. For this purpose, we use DNA detection techniques (PCR and hybrid-capture) which allow us to make a diagnosis of the virus in its early stages of infection, also called “latent stage”. At the same time, these techniques let us know if the virus is benign or related to cancer being able to establish the risk of the infection.

Most of our members have been trained in our country and abroad and were awarded for their research projects and medical journals in International Medical Congresses.

One of our departments in our center is oriented to research in Clinical Pharmacology, working for the pharmaceutical industry with national and international laboratories, contributing to the development of new drugs. Part of our team has worked in the production of pharmaceutical drugs since the 60’s as well as in the development of new diagnostic techniques currently applied becoming pioneers in some areas of medicine. As a result of our work, we have successfully treated thousands of patients to date. We are continuously pushing ourselves to find new cures for diseases taking them as a challenge.

We have been working for more than three years in new therapeutic approaches to treat Human Papillomavirus in its different stages of infection.

These techniques were designed after several years of using classic therapeutic procedures such as the use of trichloroacetic acid, podophyllin, interferons, podophyllotoxin, electrocautery, leep, others, that produce regular results and suffering for the patients.

The main goal of our medical team is the treatment of human papillomavirus in clinical phase, and early stages.

Early detection and treatment of human papillomavirus allowed us to perform new therapeutic approaches that will be communicated in medical congresses and published shortly.

HPV usually infects:
The Skin and Mucosal tissues of woman and man genitals: vulva, vagina, uterine cervix, penis, and scrotum

Other Areas:



Upper digestive tract


HPV Virus in the Cervix: This is a place of preference for the HPV Virus infections. It has a weak area called the transformation epithelium zone.  

HPV mouth infections sexual transmission is possible:
HPV Virus in Respiratory airways: newborn infections can compromise the larynx and airways.  There have been cases of trachea, bronchi and nasal cavity infections. Mother infects the newborn during vaginal delivery.

HPV Virus in the Digestive System: Found HPV lesions in the mouth, tongue, esophagus, rectum, and anus.

HPV Virus in Skin:  Located more frequently in the skin around the genital.

The HPV virus in the urinary tract: may involve the urethra, bladder and ureters: not often.
Contact us: info@hpvmedicalcenter.com (54-11) 4381-2009.  Buenos Aires.  Argentina.